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About us

Morse Manufacturing Co, Inc.

The Specialist In Drum Handling Equipment

Established 1923
We manufacture the most extensive line of Drum Handling Equipment.

Morse drum handling equipment is made in the USA distributed throughout the World.

portrait of Nate andrews

Nate Andrews, President of Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.

Since 1923 Morse Manufacturing has been dedicated to giving you more - and in today's world of increased domestic and international competition you should expect more.

What can you expect from Morse Manufacturing?

Customer Service:

Expect personal attention from one of our customer representatives. Visit the Company Directory, give us a call and let us get to know you personally.

Product Support:

If you have a technical question, expect to speak with one of the design engineers. We strive to make sure you get the product that meets your needs.

Product Selection:

Morse offers the most extensive line of drum handling equipment.

Custom Capabilities:

If one of our standard drum handlers doesn't meet your needs, please give us a call. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer a drum handler built to your specifications.

Product Quality:

Every Morse product design is professionally engineered in-house to exceed industry standards. Have you seen the foreign products that look like Morse? Know with confidence who designed the original that others try to copy. We are so confident in our products, our skilled employees, our certified welders, and our production process that we offer a 2-year warranty against all defects.

Product Information:

Current and informative product literature and parts diagrams, as well as detailed specs on all Morse drum handling equipment. We labor tirelessly to keep our literature and website content up-to-date with any product introductions or changes.

Company History:

With a more than 80 year history, you can expect us to provide you with replacement parts or product upgrades when you need them in the future - 5, 10 or 20 years from now. Morse is committed to manufacturing our products in the USA.

Thanks for considering Morse for your drum handling equipment needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Nathan Andrews, President

Morse is a member of MHIA
Material Handling Industry of America

Morse is a member of MHEDA
The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

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Morse is a member of MACNY
The Manufacturers Association of Central New York


portrait of Phil Mulpagano
Phil Mulpagano
Sales Manager
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 214
portrait of Debbie Reid
Debbie Reid
Sales / Accounting
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 209
portrait of Maureen Pelletier
Maureen Pelletier
Sales / Office Admin
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 218
portrait of Caleb Degroote
Nichole Baraniewicz
Sales / Marketing
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 212
portrait of Ross Horn
Ross Horn
Director of Purchasing
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 202
portrait of Bob Mozo
Bob Mozo
Engineer / Sales
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 203
portrait of pete Mangovski
Pete Mangovski
Engineer / Sales
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 211
portrait of Ralph Phillips
Ralph Phillips
Marketing Manager
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 213
portrait of Paul Ayling
Paul Ayling
Web Developer / IT
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 215
portrait of Nate Andrews
Nate Andrews
(315) 437-8475 Ext. 200

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Drum Rollers

456-3-230 image

Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers

456-3-230 image

Hydra-Lift Drum Roller Enclosures

456-3-230 image

Portable Drum Rollers

1-5154_20-1.png image

Single Stationary Drum Rollers

2-5154_20-1.png image

Double Stationary Drum Rollers

Drum Tumblers

309 image

Drum Tumbler

310a image

Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers

456-3-230 image

Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler Enclosures

1-305-1 image

Single 5 Gallon Can Tumblers

2-305-1 image

Double 5 Gallon Can Tumblers

GEK-1-305-1 image

Single 5 Gallon Can Tumbler Enclosures

GEK-2-305-1 image

Double 5 Gallon Can Tumbler Enclosures

Mobile Drum Handlers

515-T-114 image

Vertical Lift Drum Pourers

400A-72-114 image

Hydra-Lift Karrier

410-114 image

Heavy Duty Hydra-Lift Karrier

82a image

Drum Palletizers that Pour

80a image


Forklift Attachments


Forklift Drum Karrier

285A image

Forklift Drum Handler

288-1 image

Single MORSpeed Forklift Attachment

288-2-2H image

Double MORSpeed Forklift Attachment

284 image

Fork Mount Hook

Below Hook

185a image

Below Hook Drum Handlers

195a-1-115 image

Below-Hook Kontrol-Karriers

85a image

Drum Karrier

41 image

Drum Karrier

86 image

Drum Lifter

90 image


91 image

Drum Lifter

92 image

Drum Lifter

Drum Rackers

611-115 image

MORStak Drum Rackers

405-114 image

Omni-Lift Drum Rackers

289C image

Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers

Drum Trucks

125 image

Drum Trucks

152 image

Drum Trucks

153 image

Drum Trucks

155 image

Drum Trucks

160 image

Drum Trucks

Drum Palletizers

81 image

Drum Spotters / Palletizers

82h-125 image

Drum Lifters / Palletizers

82a image

Mobile-Karriers / Palletizers

Drum Dollies

14 image

Round Dollies

34 image

Square Dollies

24 image

Clamp+Go Dolly Handle

Drum Cradles

36 image

55 Gallon Cradle Trucks

40 image

Cradle Trucks with Lever

46 image

15 Gallon Cradle Trucks

32 image

Drum Upender

Stainless Steel

Many of our product lines have stainless steel models; the list of models is to long to properly show on our mobile site but...

Spark Resistant

Many of our product lines have spark resistant models; the list of models is to long to properly show on our mobile site but...

5 Gallon Pail Handlers

15 image

Single PailPRO Can Tipper

2-15 image

Double PailPRO Can Tipper

34-5 image

PailPRO Pail Dolly

83 image

PailPRO Pail Handler

85-5 image

PailPRO Below-Hook Pail-Karrier

92-5 image

PailPRO Drum Lifter

1-305-1 image

Single Can Tumbler

2-305-1 image

Double Can Tumbler

2-305-1 image

Single Can Tumbler Enclosure

2-305-1 image

Double Can Tumbler Enclosure

710-5-115 image

Pail Heaters

34-5 image

Pail Dolly

Accessories and Options

62-5 image

Drum Faucets

59 image

Drum Wrenches

710-55-115 image

Drum Heaters

284 image

Fork Hook

26 image

Drum Pumps

5-SG-45-22.5 image

Drum Cones

7-22 image

Drum Clamps